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ECOM EAST AFRICA is here to assist business owners navigate the exciting challenges which lie ahead:

  • If you already sell online, you’ll come away from the event with completely new online merchandising ideas, selling tools, marketing outlets, and operational strategies.
  • If you don’t yet sell online, you’ll find out how to efficiently move
    your offline business online.
  • If you are a startup, you’ll discover ways to break into ecommerce
    with minimal upfront costs using various online store, dropship,
    print-on-demand, affiliate marketing, and payment solutions on display.


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Why Attend virtual ECOM EAST AFRICA?

Digital is an intrinsic part of this Covid-19 pandemic and while it has deeply changed how we live and work, digital events seems not just inevitable but imperative as well.

Connect Globally

Stay connected with the world, remotely from the convenience of your own space

Less Expensive More Saving

Save time and money without the hassle of travel, accommodation, general expenses

Real Time Interaction

Exchange important documents and ideas at any time during interactive sessions

Make Connections

Quickly connect with the right prospective contacts for your business and foster strong bonds with your connections

Companies Represented in the 2021 Agenda


The ecommerce landscape in Africa is evolving so fast that it’s almost impossible to keep up. I have found the eCommerce Africa conference and exhibition to be one of the best ways to be informed and meet those who are making major disruptive and innovative changes in all aspects of ecommerce including a special new focus on fintech.

CEO - MallForAfrica

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Kinetic365 was established to feed the growing demand for specialised business information and on-demand educational content. Members benefit from our portal’s value-rich content which includes live webinars. industry news, masterclasses, videos, interviews and podcasts with eCommerce; CX and IT leaders from all over Africa, India and the Middle East. In addition members receive preferential rates and access to both our virtual and physical digital events.

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ECOM Hybrid editions

Experience an exciting mix of live and virtual Events. Attendees with have the option to physically attend our live on the ground events in Africa and India or enjoy the experience from the comfort of their home or office. Attendees have access to exclusive content and experiential set pieces, mixed together to provide an immersive online experience.

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