A leader in the e-commerce industry, Abigail is passionate about helping African businesses harness the power of the internet to grow their revenues through e-commerce. She is the CEO & Founder of Amari Consulting Ltd – a full service e-commerce agency and consulting firm based in Nairobi, Kenya. The organization helps African Businesses Lower costs, Stay competitive and Go Global by guiding them to adopt winning e-commerce strategies.

Abigail has worked with several e-commerce start-up companies and has been involved in setup, business strategy formulation and project management. She, through her company Amari Consulting Ltd, is making significant contribution to the expansion of the ecommerce space in Africa through the Epower Programme – a combination of forums, master classes and mentorship focussed on building e-commerce capacity on the continent.

Abigail was recently engaged as the lead consultant in formulation of the Rwanda E-commerce Policy for the Ministry of Trade and Industry – Government of Rwanda (MINICOM).