With over 15 years working experience in the local and global ICT sector, Brian Omwenga is a software and systems engineer with large scale digital transformation expertise. He graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT ‘09) where he obtained his Masters in Technology and Policy in the Department of Systems Engineering. He was the Dean Scholar at Strathmore University where he obtained his bachelor’s degree (Hons.) in Business Information Technology. He is also currently a doctoral candidate in Computer Science at the University of Nairobi (ecosystem driven data modelling) where he has also been a part-time lecturer in the Design and Analysis of Algorithms as well as innovation studies. He has reviewed and formulated technology policy curricula for universities and leaders in the ICT sector both in Kenya and Africa. He is an inventor with several publications and seven (7) software patents.

As a passionate entrepreneur and innovator, he leads the Tech Innovators Network that proposed a Digital Business Hub platform in conjunction with the KEPSA business hub), which is a useful resource and support center, serving through a one-stop unified ICT service, the needs of entrepreneurs and the business community in their digital transformation journey ([http://think.ke)]http://think.ke). He also founded the Tech Innovators Sacco for the support of youth innovators. He sits as the Vice Chair of the ICT sector board at the Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA). He also chairs the Innovation-Driven Entrepreneurship committee at the same Sector Board.