The role of the Head of South Africa & Brazil Supply Chain is to lead the operational planning and execution for customers in stores, eCommerce, Wholesale, License and delivering superior service whilst achieving optimal commercial outcomes, ensuring our people are safe at all times. I strive to consistently improve performance standards in a constantly changing environment whilst supporting sustainable and profitable growth in the market. The Group requires us to flex to a large scale for activity driven seasonal events, which brings about large scale and rapid change and allows us to execute to new standards. The step change in eCom growth during the COVID-enforced lockdown stretched capacities, but has allowed us to come out of it stronger and with a new focus on our Customer. The shift in channels has also ensured we kept in tune to the dynamic shift of cost metrics, all whilst ensuring our service to both internal and external customer improved, measure by our fulfilment rates. Day to day running of the African facility and responsible for the product arriving to our Customer is something I have relished in and thrived at.

As part of the African Executive team, I have been able to strategically invest our time and resources into areas of the business that offer the most growth from a brand recognition and profit perspective, aligning with a succinct model that helps us decide on what project to spend time chasing. Reporting to both Functional and Country Heads has allowed me to use the technical expertise of the function, to assist with strategic implementations into the local market and leverage the experience of other globally to my advantage.