In 2010, being a serial entrepreneur at heart, Warrick Kernes founded the award-winning online store, Action Gear and went on to grow and scale the business to doing over R20 million in annual revenue.

He later found himself with a deep desire to grow the South African eCommerce industry and help entrepreneurs achieve more success through selling online.

This led him to sell his shares in his flourishing business, Action Gear and pursue his newfound mission of helping others to Start, Launch and Grow their very own online stores to achieve more income and freedom in their lives.

Warrick then founded The Insaka eCommerce Academy in 2017 which has helped thousands of online sellers and is dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs with the best eCommerce training that South Africa has to offer.

And to further serve South African online sellers, Warrick launched his podcast, eCommerce Explained in 2020 where he unpacks how to get your online store started, how to grow your online sales with the best digital marketing methods, and how to scale your business to bring about more success through selling online.

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